EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

© European Union 2013 – Source : EP 6.1. ALSAI contribution in good governance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic 6.2. Leveraging the opportunity of a crisis – Estonian National Audit office’s review of large- scale crisis measures 6.3. How the European Court of Auditors turned the new COVID-19 reality into an opportunity 6.4. Small streams of data added up to a large flow – a positive consequence of COVID-19 6.5. A new audit approach in response to challenges: the importance of change management 6.6. Best practise of SAI Latvia in rapid response to the demands of emergency situations 6.7. Challenges in increasing efficiency of support schemes to fight the COVID-19 crisis 6.8. Romanian Court of Accounts during state of emergency: challenges and opportunities 6.9. Reflections on external audits in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic