EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 72 Information on EU X Special Report No 15/2021: Air passenger rights during the COVID-19 pandemic: Key rights not protected despite Commission efforts X Special report No 16/2021: Common Agricultural Policy and climate: Half of EU climate spending but farm emissions are not decreasing X Special Report No 17/2021: EU readmission cooperation with third countries: relevant actions yielded limited results X Special Report No 18/2021: Commission’s surveillance of Member States exiting a macroeconomic adjustment programme: an appropriate tool in need of streamlining X Special Report No 19/2021: Europol support to fight migrant smuggling: a valued partner, but insufficient use of data sources and result measurement X Special Report No 20/2021: Sustainable water use in agriculture: CAP funds more likely to promote greater rather than more efficient water use X Special Report No 21/2021: EU funding for biodiversity and climate change in EU forests: positive but limited results X Special Report No 22/2021: Sustainable finance: More consistent EU action needed to redirect finance towards sustainable investment X Special Report No 23/2021: Reducing grand corruption in Ukraine: several EU initiatives, but still insufficient results X Special report No 24/2021: Performance-based financing in Cohesion policy: worthy ambitions, but obstacles remained in the 2014-2020 period X Special report No 25/2021: ESF support to combat long-term unemployment: Measures need to be better targeted, tailored and monitored X Special Report No 26/2021: Regularity of spending in EU Cohesion policy: Commission discloses annually a minimum estimated level of error that is not final X Special Report No 27/2021: EU Support to tourism - Need for a fresh strategic orientation and a better funding approach © European Union – Source ECA. Architects of the ECA's buildings: Paul Noël (K1 building, 1988) and Jim Clemes (K2 building, 2004, K3 building, 2013)