EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

Magazine No. 26 - 2021 71 Information on EU OTHER REPORTS, OPINIONS, REVIEWS AND PUBLICATIONS ISSUED BY THE EUROPEAN COURT OF AUDITORS IN 2021 X Special Report No 1/2021: Resolution planning in the Single Resolution Mechanism X Special Report No 2/2021: EU humanitarian aid for education: helps children in need, but should be longer-term and reach more girls X Special Report No 3/2021: Exchanging tax information in the EU: solid foundation, cracks in the implementation X Special Report No 4/2021: Customs controls: insufficient harmonisation hampers EU financial interests X Special Report No 5/2021: Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles: more charging stations but uneven deployment makes travel across the EU complicated X Special Report No 6/2021: Financial instruments in cohesion policy at closure of the 2007– 2013 period: verification work yielded good results overall, but some errors remained X Special Report No 7/2021: EU space programmes Galileo and Copernicus: services launched, but the uptake needs a further boost X Special Report No 8/2021: Frontex’s support to external border management: not sufficiently effective to date X Special Report No 9/2021: Disinformation affecting the EU: tackled but not tamed X Special Report No 10/2021: Gender mainstreaming in the EU budget: time to turn words into action X Special Report No 11/2021: Exceptional support for EU milk producers in 2014–2016 - Potential to improve future efficiency X Special Report No 12/2021: The Polluter Pays Principle: Inconsistent application across EU environmental policies and actions X Special Report No 13/2021: EU efforts to fight money laundering in the banking sector are fragmented and implementation is insufficient X Special Report No 14/2021: Interreg cooperation: The potential of the European Union’s cross-border regions has not yet been fully unlocked Special reports The ECA’s special reports set out the results of its audits on EU policies and programmes or management topics related to specific budgetary areas. The ECA published the following special reports in 2021: European Court of Auditors