EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 60 EUROSAI Working Groups and Task Forces During the last 10 years, the TFA&E achieved many things, and this is the time and place to highlight the most relevant ones: Ethics within SAIs / Auditing Ethics Surveys Ethics within SAI and Auditing Ethics 2012/2019 Papers Supporting SAIs to enhance their ethical infrastructure- Part 1- A general overview of SAIs ethical strategies and practices” Supporting SAI to enhance their ethical infrastructure- Part 2: managing ethics in practice (including the annex with SAI’s articles) Auditing Ethics in the Public sector – A general overview of SAI’s practices 2012 2014 2014 Flyer/ List of attitudes Leadership role in managing Ethics Ethics leadership: Set the tone for action 2015 Webpage Design and implementation of a webpage for the Task Force, with a restricted member’s area 2013-2021 Seminars/ Conferences Auditing Ethics Enhancing Ethics within Supreme Audit Institutions Methods and measuring tools to audit ethics International good practices seminar “From the integrity survey to the integrity audit” EUROSAI Goal Team 1 and TFAE (co-organisation), “The importance of ethics and integrity for SAIs” Luxembourg, 2013 Lisbon, 2014 Ankara, 2015 On-line follow-up, 2016 Budapest, 2016 Budapest, 2016 Workshops YES Conference EUROSAI Congress VIII Conference EUROSAI – OLACEFS: experiences of SAIs on transparency and ethics’ audit YES 2 Conference: “The impact of the auditor’s public role in his private life” and “Walk the Talk/ Ethical challenges in the work of a public auditor” Women leadership training (GIZ and AFROSAI) X EUROSAI Congress, “Ethics management in the public audit. Education & training” IX EUROSAI-OLACEFS joint Conference, “Integrity/Anticorruption” Rotterdam, 2014 The Hague, 2014 Quito, 2015 Israel, 2015 Bad Honnef, 2016 Istanbul, 2017 On-line, 2020 ISSAI 30 review Participation of several TFAE members in the INTOSAI Review Team led by the SAI of Poland 2014 to 2016 Meetings with SAI’s staff Romania, Italy, Turkey, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018