EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 44 EUROSAI Strategy It’s also worth mentioning EUROSAI’s longstanding collaboration with other INTOSAI Regional Organisations, primarily OLACEFS, ARABOSAI, and ASOSAI, with whom EUROSAI has previously signed cooperation agreements. Since 2000, joint conferences between EUROSAI and each of the aforementioned Regional Organisations have been the primary means of collaboration, with bilateral ToRs signed in 2018 to boost such events. ToRs with ASOSAI and OLACEFS have proved to be of great value in the Joint Conferences hosted by the SAI of Israel (EUROSAI-ASOSAI 2019) and the SAI of Hungary (EUROSAI-OLACEFS 2020). The ToR signed with ARABOSAI is presently leading the organisation of the VI EUROSAI-ARABOSAI Joint Conference, which should be hosted by the SAI of Ukraine in Kyiv from 17-19 May 2022. In addition, AFROSAI and EUROSAI have agreed to and implemented a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a framework for cooperation. Furthermore, EUROSAI is committed to strengthening its ties with other regional organisations, as seen by the “Regional Round table” discussions held on the margins of the INTOSAI-Region Cooperation Platform meetings. Representatives from the INTOSAI Regional Organisations meet in these “Regional Round table” conferences to discuss issues of common concern in a very practical manner. So far, two of these sessions have taken place - in 2018 (Oslo) and 2019 (Cape Town). The Portfolio on “Relations with INTOSAI and its Regional Organisations” will address the following two guiding principles of the ESP 2017-2024: • Principle 4: Identify, represent and advocate its members’ views and interests on subjects under development in INTOSAI. • Principle 6: Enhance its cooperation with other Regional Organisations of INTOSAI fostering different forms of knowledge sharing and cooperation. At the same time, it will be developed with due coordination with the co-leaders of: • Strategic Goal 1 – SAIs of Lithuania and Germany - regarding objective 1.3 To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience within EUROSAI and with external stakeholders and partners • Strategic Goal 2 – SAIs of Poland and Sweden - regarding objective 2.5 Represent EUROSAI in the wider INTOSAI Community through the appointment of specific liaisons