EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 42 EUROSAI Strategy The Spanish Court of Audit will continue to hold the portfolio on Relations with INTOSAI and its Regional Organisations during the period 2021-2024, as agreed by the GB at its 54th meeting that was held in April 2021. The Spanish Court of Audit has maintained a strategic role in EUROSAI as Secretariat, and has developed strong and close contacts with INTOSAI, its bodies, IDI, and EUROSAI’s peers in the INTOSAI community over the years. This portfolio on Relations with INTOSAI and its Regional Organisations is an enlarged version of the previous one, Relations with Other INTOSAI Regional Organisations, which ran from 2017 to 2021. The goal of this broadening of the portfolio’s scope is to strengthen and publicise the Organisation’s relationships with INTOSAI structures. It is useful to recall the tight relationship between EUROSAI and INTOSAI, as well as their bodies, as background information (INTOSAI GB, Secretariat, IDI, IDC, Committees, etcetera). In this sense, both the INTOSAI Secretariat and IDI are observers at EUROSAI Governing Board meetings and report on them regularly. Similarly, the EUROSAI Secretariat reports on EUROSAI operations at INTOSAI Governing Board and Congress meetings on a regular basis. It also represents EUROSAI in key INTOSAI bodies like the CBC Steering Committee, the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation (IDC) Steering Committee, the INTOSAI Supervisory Committee on Emerging Issues (SCEI), and the Regional Capacity Development Forum. At the same time, and for those specific matters that fall under the purview of other EUROSAI major figures, appropriate EUROSAI liaisons with certain INTOSAI structures have been set up as needed. Spanish Court of Audit - EUROSAI Secretariat Holder of the Portfolio on Relations with INTOSAI and its Regional Organisations NEW PERSPECTIVES FOR THE PORTFOLIO ON RELATIONS WITH INTOSAI AND ITS REGIONAL ORGANISATIONS