EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

Magazine No. 26 - 2021 35 EUROSAI Strategy The most important goals of the EUROSAI portfolio Overall Governance and Culture are to review, revise and, if necessary, propose EUROSAI's core documents to improve the governance, structure and functioning of EUROSAI. In addition, also to contribute to the efficient and flexible functioning of the organisation through a culture of openness and discussion and to assist the Governing Board members to fulfil their portfolios. Among other things to promote the inclusiveness of the EUROSAI, taking into account the diversity of the region and last but not least to coordinate and regularly monitor the implementation of the EUROSAI Operational Plan. • During May and June 2021 the EUROSAI Presidency held many online meetings with portfolio holders in order to discuss plans and goals in their respective portfolios and how the Presidency can be of any assistance to them. • EUROSAI Coordination Team (SAI Czech Republic, SAI Lithuania, SAI Poland and the EUROSAI Secretariat) for the first time met online on 28th June 2021 and the participants had a productive discussion about Terms of reference received and also a brainstorming session on how operational plans should be drafted and communicated. • Another important event was the EUROSAI Governing Board meeting at technical level which took place on 30th June 2021. Due to the COVID pandemic restrictions it was organized in an online form (via MS Teams) during which representatives of the Governing Board introduced their portfolios and on the basis of this technical meeting they set as a goal to prepare operational plans. • In September 2021, a EUROSAI database brainstorming was conducted under an online EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 meeting. Also, a questionnaire survey was carried out. The brainstorming session resulted in the decision to merge four databases into one and the consensus to coordinate the merge with the update of the EUROSAI website within the Project Group for the Relaunch of EUROSAI’s Website. Other aims that were set during the brainstorming session were as follows: 1.1. to improve a visual part of the EUROSAI database 1.2. new functionalities (key words, new topics, etc.) 1.3. possibility of more precise searching • The 2nd Governing Board meeting at technical level took place in Prague on 14th - 15th October 2021 in a hybrid way. There were participants in person as well as those who were present online. The main topic of the Governing Board meeting was to present operational plans of each portfolio and discussion about the agenda of the 55th Governing Board Meeting in London. This was the first hybrid event of the EUROSAI Presidency. Availing of the opportunity to be in one place, also a kick-off meeting of the project group for Drafting the EUROSAI Strategic Plan for the years 2024-2030, and the second meeting of the Project Group for the Relaunch of EUROSAI’s Website took place in Prague. Since September 2021 there is still ongoing coordination of preparations of the 55th EUROSAI Governing Board meeting in London as well as regular participation in meetings regarding the EUROSAI website and its new update. If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact us. If you want to get more actively involved, you have a specific idea that falls under the objectives of the portfolio, please contact us. Mr Miloslav Kala, President of the SAI of the Czech Republic and EUROSAI President EUROSAI Presidency Holder of the Portfolio on Overall Governance and Culture OVERALL GOVERNANCE AND CULTURE