EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 34 EUROSAI Strategy Needs of EUROSAI members and Strategic Goal 2 Brainstorming meeting Our aim as co-leaders of SG2 implementation is to establish, a clear operative direction and to continue to broaden and deepen the portfolio 2022-2024 – in line with the needs of EUROSAI members. The firstof-its-kind brainstorming meeting of Strategic Goal 2 was held on 1 October as a kick-off in the aspirations to make our ambition come true. More than 50 auditors from nearly 30 SAIs attended the meeting and listened to presentations by, among other, the EUROSAI Presidency and the EUROSAI Secretariat. The main goal of the meeting was to discuss ideas for new projects to be run within SG2. The following ideas for projects were presented: • Audit English (led by the SAI Poland, with the SAIs of Sweden and UK as vice-chairs) – the objective of the project is to harmonise the English terminology related to public auditing and control. • Civil Society – cooperation of SAIs with civil society, and citizen engagement in the interest of enhanced SAIs’ impact and improved accountability. • SAI Evaluation tools and methods (SAI of Sweden) – to help SAIs navigate among available tools to measure and assess their performance and operations. • Data Envelopment Analysis, or DEA (SAI of Sweden) – a quantitative method to empirically measure efficiency of decision-making units, to be possibly used in performance audits. • Cooperation with the United Nations in relation to SDG audits (SAI of Turkey) – cooperation at the early stage of audit preparation, so that audits are best developed to assess the progress of SDGs implementation – to the mutual interest of SAIs and the UN. Implementation of the EUROSAI Strategic Goal 2, apart from its projects, comprises also initiatives and activities of EUROSAI working groups and taskforces which help develop institutional capacity of European SAIs. Their works are also vital in exploring the needs and demands of EUROSAI members and add to diagnoses from peer-reviews or self-assessments. EUROSAI – a contributor to strengthening audit capacity in Europe From our perspective, we firmly believe that the business of EUROSAI is to be of strategic importance and that it will continue to develop as an agile and relevant organisation. We should remember that the development of institutional capacity depends on joint responsibility of EUROSAI members. Therefore, we would like to encourage all SAIs to actively participate in EUROSAI initiatives – either by joining the existing projects, or by providing proposals for activities and projects that will further contribute to capacity building in our region.