EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

Magazine No. 26 - 2021 33 EUROSAI Strategy The Polish NIK and the Swedish NAO have been co-leading the implementation of the EUROSAI Strategic Goal 2 (SG2) since 2017, and from the very beginning we have been trying to apply agile project management, find demand-driven initiatives, and focus on results. While the principle of quality before quantity and adding value for EUROSAI members have been paramount drivers of the SG2 implementation. The XI EUROSAI Congress of April 2021 marked the beginning of the latter part of the current strategic plan 2017–2024 and the chairmanship of the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic. The SAIs of Poland and Sweden were entrusted with a renewed responsibility to co-lead the implementation of the EUROSAI Strategic Goal 2. Some projects are still running from the period 2017– 2021. For instance, the EUROSAI Audit Methodology project, intended to support SAIs in developing and improving their working methods, and to identify their potential needs, will have a second edition once in person meetings are again possible. Likewise, the EUROSAI Internship and Secondment Programme – the programme was initiated in 2019, with a view of helping SAIs develop knowledge and skills of their staff. The project on Communication on INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements, led by SAI Sweden in its capacity as the EUROSAI representative in the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee (PSC), aims to provide EUROSAI members with information on INTOSAI´s standard setting works. A workshop on knowledge and implementation of the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncement (IFPP) is planned for the EUROSAI Get Together in Prague in May 2022. The joint project of EUROSAI and the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) aims to enhance knowledge on the Integrated Reporting concept, and to promote its potential benefits to EUROSAI and ECIIA members. The project was finalised In October 2021. EUROSAI Strategic Goal 2 Co-led by the Supreme Audit Office of Poland (NIK) and the Swedish National Audit Office (Swedish NAO) EUROSAI STRATEGIC GOAL 2: HELPING EUROSAI MEMBERS DEAL WITH NEW OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES BY SUPPORTING AND FACILITATING THEIR INSTITUTIONAL CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT