EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 32 EUROSAI Strategy Before COVID-19, the audit processes were evolving with the emergence of new technology already and now this has become much more important than ever. This perception became the basis for the proposed initiative – “Auditing in the new normal: connecting technology to audit processes”. In order to implement this idea, the SAI of Turkey aims to identify the current situation among SAIs in connecting technology to audit processes, sharing best practices, identifying the needs in this field and preparing a roadmap for the post-COVID-19 era. Another proposed initiative focuses on another important issue – risk management. Implementing it, the SAI of Turkey aims not only to determine the level of awareness of the SAIs on enterprise risk management of the auditees, but also to lay the groundwork for the development of methodology by creating an understanding of how enterprise risks will be reflected in the annual audit plans and the selection of audit topics. In accordance with established procedures, all of these initiatives have Terms of Reference prepared already. The last initiative, presented by the SAI of Israel at the online meeting, is oriented towards a frequent and efficient knowledge sharing and is named “Traveling webinars”. It aims at strengthening communication and interaction between SAIs at the auditor’s level. A few last thoughts Assessing the progress made towards the implementation of SG1, the co-leaders would like to thank all those actively involved in generating ideas and implementing the projects, as well as using the proposed platforms, databases and products. It is clear that only joint efforts of all EUROSAI members make SGs achievable and effective. The success that accompanies us depends on the synergies and involvement of the entire EUROSAI community. It is likely that the results achieved by SG1 will not only lay the foundations for strong professional cooperation, but also build strong bridges between SAIs and become an integral part of daily auditors’ work. Both co-leaders look forward to the active involvement and participation of all SAIs in current and new initiatives. All ideas, suggestions, questions related to the objectives of SG1 are welcome at and