EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

Magazine No. 26 - 2021 31 EUROSAI Strategy methodology, recommendations. Involved SAIs have already produced individual national reports and the consolidated report is planned to be signed by the end of 2021. The SAI of the Netherlands summarized its ongoing project “Investigations: Webinar and Summer school” - two webinars took place last year in July and December, and an in person seminar will be organized when possible. The topicality of the last two years – COVID-19 – is being discussed in the project “Auditing the Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic” and the SAI of the United Kingdom presented what has been done within its framework. After the first year, a progress report was issued, and the Project Group will continue after a consultation on which areas should be reviewed. The focus is likely to be on public finances, resilience of public services, procurement of vaccines and other possible areas. One more important project – the “Ethics network” – linking EUROSAI SG1 and SG2, was presented by the SAI of Croatia. With the support from the SAI of Portugal, the project aims to create a permanent online collaboration platform for Ethics issues. It was set up by the XI EUROSAI Congress ant continues the work of the former Task Force on Audit and Ethics in a different format. Finally, the "Ethics network" was successfully launched in December 2021. Looking ahead What new ideas and projects await the EUROSAI community in the future to achieve SG1? What are the horizons and opportunities of professional cooperation? In the four brainstorming sessions participants had productive discussions, after which, as a result, four new initiatives were proposed: “Club of experts” by the SAI of Lithuania, “Auditing in the new normal: connecting technology to audit processes” and “Raising awareness of the SAIs on the enterprise risk management” by the SAI of Turkey and “Traveling webinars” by the SAI of Israel. At a later stage the SAI of Lithuania co-partnering with the SAI of Israel launched a new merged Project group called “Travelling Club of Experts”. The “Travelling Club of Experts” is an idea for auditors and methodologists, the aim of which is to foster an informal professional cooperation among auditors on audit, audit methodology related topics, that are not covered by EUROSAI working groups, networks, project groups, or other activities, and to engage a larger number of SAIs to be involved in EUROSAI's activities on the auditors’ level. The SAI of Lithuania together with SAI of Israel will be held as the hub of the club, that would initiate activities: organize online events/webinars, moderate discussions, actively participate in promoting “Travelling Club of Experts” among EUROSAI members.