EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 30 EUROSAI Strategy For the fifth time, the EUROSAI members discussed ongoing projects and new ideas on how to implement EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 (SG1) on professional cooperation. The meeting was held as a videoconference on 15 September 2021. The importance of SG1 Supporting effective, innovative and relevant audits by promoting and brokering professional cooperation – this is what Strategic Goal in the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017–2024 is all about. Working towards this goal, the EUROSAI community is focusing on three objectives: to promote auditrelated cooperation by acting as a broker between members; to support the development of innovate audit approaches and methods making use of new technologies; and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience within EUROSAI and with external stakeholders and partners. Recognizing the importance of professional cooperation, EUROSAI members implemented a number of significant projects, the progress of which is periodically discussed in the meetings. The last one brought together 76 participants in the four brainstorming sessions. After the changes that took place at the XI EUROSAI Congress in April 2021, Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas and President Kay Scheller presented the new co-leading SAIs – the National Audit Office of Lithuania (Governing Board Member) and the German Bundesrechnungshof – responsible for the successful implementation of EUROSAI SG1 for the next three years. The fact that this period will be challenging, useful and fruitful was illustrated by ongoing projects and new ideas presented by members of the EUROSAI community at the meeting. In addition to these presentations, progress reports on current projects of the EUROSAI IT Working Group, the EUROSAI Working Group on the Audits of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes, and the EUROSAI Task Force on Municipality Audit were presented. All of them are actively working in the same direction towards SG1 – to increase, to improve, and to streamline professional cooperation. Projects leading forward The SAI of the Czech Republic presented the platform for data sharing – Benchmarking International Exchange Project (BIEP), which became a useful tool to improve knowledge for auditors, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project continues with maximum acceleration and has lots of plans for the future: to motivate auditors to use BIEP as the common form of communication, to integrate international comparisons to SAI’s audits and come up with new comparison proposals, to modify and to extend the functionality of the BIEP platform to make it user-friendly, and also to deepen and intensify cooperation and information sharing between existing working groups. Another current project whose progress was presented by the SAI of the Czech Republic are the four EUROSAI databases. One of them – the database of audits – has paid off quite well: it accumulates audit reports in national languages and summaries in English. The database of products as well as the database of surveys need better marketing – which new products could be included here, what kind of products does auditor community need, etc. As practice has shown, the last two – the database of trainings and the database of surveys – so far have not received enough attention, therefore a decision on their future has to be taken. At the meeting, the participants learned how the SAI of Israel is doing on the “Parallel audit on Workforce 2030”. Participating in this project, SAIs could learn how other countries address this issue, identify core issues and coordinate audit plans, EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 Co-led by the National Audit Office of Lithuania and the German Bundesrechnungshof EUROSAI STRATEGIC GOAL 1: PROFESSIONAL COOPERATION – WHAT LIES BEHIND THIS KEYWORD OF SUCCESS?