EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 24 EUROSAI Activities January 31 January. EUROSAI Project Group on future risks and climate change - Foresight Workshop Online February 04 February. EUROSAI Coordination Team meeting, meeting at technical level Online 24 February. EUROSAI (TFMA) members’ meeting “Exchanging the latest audits results, innovations in municipal audits or innovations boosted by audits” Online March 04 March. 4th meeting of the EUROSAI PG for the “Relaunch of the EUROSAI’s Website” Online 30 March. EUROSAI-ECIIA virtual event “European Public Sector Forum: New challenges for internal and external auditors in the Public Sector” Online April 07 April. Seminar on “Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic” Online 12 April. e-Seminar of the EUROSAI ITWG on the topic “Water behind the dam – challenges regarding data flow for a SAI” Online 26 April. Kick-off meeting of the EUROSAI Project Group on Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and other benchmarking methods Online May 22 - 24 May. EUROSAI Post-Congress Get-Together Prague (Czech Republic) June 27 - 29 June. 3rd meeting at technical level of the EUROSAI Governing Board Warsaw (Poland) September 6 - 7 September. 15th Meeting of the EUROSAI Working Group on Information Technologies (ITWG) Bucharest (Romania) & online 12 - 15 September. 5th Young EUROSAI (YES) Stockholm (Sweden) 21 - 22 September. 57th EUROSAI Governing Board meeting Lisbon (Portugal) October 19 - 20 October. 6th Annual Meeting of EUROSAI TFMA and the 5th Annual Seminar “Digitalisation of public service delivery and administration in municipalities” Vilnius (Lithuania) ADVANCE OF EUROSAI ACTIVITIES 2022