EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 18 EUROSAI Activities As SG1 and SG2 are traditionally co-led by non-GB members, the GB approved the appointment of SAI Germany and SAI Sweden as the co-leaders SG1 and SG2, respectively. The GB also agreed upon the composition of the Coordination Team, which shall be composed of the Presidency, GB members responsible for SG1 and SG2 as members and the EUROSAI Secretariat as observer. According to item 34g of the General Procedures for the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2024, drafting of the new ESP is entrusted to a PG under the leadership of the incoming Presidency (SAI Israel). Therefore, SAI Israel laid out its vision for this PG and also the vision of the XII EUROSAI Congress in Israel. The representative of SAI United Kingdom offered to host the 55th EUROSAI GB meeting in autumn 2021, which was unanimously endorsed by the GB. At the end of the meeting, Mr Englman from SAI Israel drew attention to the upcoming UN COP 26 (climate change conference) and suggested that EUROSAI could present its audit reports in the field of climate change to enhance the relevance of the work of SAIs. 55th EUROSAI Governing Board meeting in London (United Kingdom) At the previous GB meeting, it was agreed that the 55th GB meeting would be held in London and the date was later set to 16 November 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was organised in a hybrid manner. The main goal of the GB meeting was to discuss and approve the Portfolios’ descriptions and Operation Plans of the EUROSAI Strategic Goals and Governance Portfolios. Also, the Portfolio holders presented the work of all project groups that fall under their respective portfolios – SG1, SG2 and other governance portfolios. Within the Overall Governance and Culture portfolio, there was a proposal to establish a SAI independence rapid advocacy mechanism (SIRAM) in EUROSAI as SAIs' independence has recently been threatened. Since IDI is in charge of operating the SIRAM mechanism that also EUROSAI SAIs can use and have successfully used, the GB members decided that the existing IDI SIRAM mechanism would be promoted to a greater extent within the EUROSAI community. Therefore, there is no need for a EUROSAI SIRAMlike mechanism. The GB also entrusted the Presidency with the drafting of a procedure for answering enquiries from media, including those related to individual member SAIs, under the overall Governance Portfolio. The abovementioned proposal will be prepared in close coordination with the Secretariat, and it will be submitted to the GB for approval. This aims to assist EUROSAI’s Presidency (the Organisation’s official representative) to swiftly address these information requests and provide an official statement and/or comment on behalf of EUROSAI. The Communication portfolio holders presented the possible structure and layout of the new EUROSAI website. The proposal was a result of joint efforts within the Project Group for the Relaunch of the EUROSAI website. The Portfolio holders asked the GB members for their consent to initiate the procurement for an external supplier that should participate in creating the new EUROSAI website. The GB supported this proposal. The GB also supported the proposal submitted by the EUROSAI Presidency to be in charge of managing the EUROSAI Presidency Twitter account during the Czech Presidency period, while SAI Israel will be in charge of launching a EUROSAI YouTube channel. Furthermore, the current EUROSAI Presidency website will be integrated in the new EUROSAI website once this has been launched. The Chair informed the GB members that the Prague Post-Congress Get-Together is going to be held in Prague on 22 – 24 May 2022. The GB accepted the kind offer of SAI Portugal (GB observer) to organise the 56th EUROSAI GB meeting in Lisbon in late September 2022.