EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

Magazine No. 26 - 2021 17 EUROSAI Activities summary of the main data about the implementation of the Strategic Plan was presented by Mr Baş through a reporting video. In the second part of the meeting, the progress reports of Strategic Goals 1&2 and Governance Portfolios were presented containing an overall performance for the period of May 2017-April 2021. Mr Baș, in particular, reported on the work of the Overall governance and culture portfolio; the update of the General Procedures of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan (which, among other issues, aimed at including the Quality & Transparency protocol, the closure procedure for Project Groups and incorporate various GB decisions). Ms de la Fuente y de la Calle, Secretary General of EUROSAI, informed on the proposed update of the EUROSAI Statutes and the EUROSAI Financial Rules. Establishment of the Project Group on Auditing the Response to the COVID-19 pandemic (chaired by the United Kingdom and co-chaired by Finland) and the Project Group on Preparing for future risks and climate crisis: Time for audit to take a long-term view? (chaired by the European Court of Auditors and co-chaired by Finland) was also briefed by SAI of Finland. In this part, the Governing Board also took note of the activity reports of the Working Groups and Task Forces. Moreover, the proposal received from the SAI of Ukraine on the dates of the VI EUROSAI-ARABOSAI Joint Conference (1719 May 2022) was supported. Other decisions were also adopted to endorse documents and resolutions that were to be presented to the XI Congress, such as the draft update of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan or the draft budget 2022-2024. Equally, the Governing Board adopted the XI Congress’ Rules of Procedure and approved the list of observers to the Congress. The Secretary General informed on the candidacies received for each position and explained the voting procedure that would take place during the XI EUROSAI Congress. The Secretary General presented diplomas prepared by the EUROSAI Secretariat in recognition and appreciation to the SAIs of Finland, Moldova and The Netherlands -whose terms as GB members ended after the 53rd GB meeting-, for their contributions to EUROSAI governance. The meeting ended with the farewell speeches of the members leaving the GB. 54th EUROSAI Governing Board online meeting The 54th EUROSAI Governing Board (GB) was held the day after the XI online EUROSAI Congress. This was the first GB meeting presided by the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic (SAO). Mr Miloslav Kala, President of SAO, welcomed new GB members elected at the XI EUROSAI Congress: SAI Israel, SAI Lithuania and SAI United Kingdom. According to the EUROSAI Statutes, the successive EUROSAI Presidency, which is SAI Israel, fulfils the role of the 1st EUROSAI Vice-President. The 2nd Vice-President is elected at the first GB meeting following the EUROSAI Congress. Mr Kala, as the Chair of the GB meeting, reminded the GB members that SAI Poland had successfully acted in the past as Second Vice-President of the GB, acknowledged the excellent cooperation and suggested their continuing in this position. The GB endorsed the election of SAI Poland as the 2nd EUROSAI VicePresident. One of the most important points on the GB meeting agenda was the allocation of EUROSAI Governance Portfolios. The Overall Governance and Culture portfolio was taken over from SAI Turkey (the former Presidency) by SAO as the new Presidency. SAI Poland expressed their interest in keeping the Strategic Goal 2 portfolio (Institutional capacity development) and the EUROSAI Secretariat kept its Relations with INTOSAI and its Regional Organisations portfolio. The leadership of these portfolios was endorsed by the GB. The rest of the portfolios were allocated as follows: • Relations with non-SAI Stakeholders – SAI Latvia • Emerging issues and Forward Thinking – SAI United Kingdom • Communication – EUROSAI Secretariat / SAI Israel The leadership of Strategic Goal 1 "Professional cooperation" (SG1) was subject to further discussion as both SAI Lithuania and SAI Turkey had expressed their interest in leading this portfolio.