EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 14 EUROSAI Activities Ms Enriqueta Chicano Jávega was appointed President of the Spanish Court of Audit (SCA) by HM the King, with a three-year term, on 22nd November 2021. As President of the Spanish Court of Audit, she has also taken over from Ms María José de la Fuente y de la Calle as Secretary General of EUROSAI. The President of the Spanish Court of Audit holds a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid (1971) and is also a specialist in Labour and Social Security Law by the Legal Practice School of Madrid, an Attorney officer of the Corps of Senior Graduates of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and an officer of the Social Security’s Corps of Financial Control and Accounting. Since 1971, she has successively exercised different professional responsibilities in various state bodies such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the Ministry of Public Works, the General Directorate of Labour, etc., and she has also participated in various collegiate bodies related to the Spanish Government, the Senate and various Commissions and Councils of the Ministry of the Presidency. Ms Chicano Jávega has participated as well in other initiatives such as the master’s degree in Human Rights granted by the Carlos III University of Madrid, the coordination of the collaboration program with the organisation Independent Sector to advance the interrelation between the Third Sector, the Business Sector and the Public Administrations, and the World Forum on Aging organised by the United Nations. The President of the SCA has also been very active in the field of the defense of equality and women's rights participating in numerous committees, conferences, research, studies and educational initiatives at the national and international level. Her professional career in the Court of Audit began in 1997 at the Department in charge of auditing Local Entities. In 2012, she was appointed Member of the Court, as Head of the Department of the Political-Administrative Area of the State of the Audit Section, and assuming the presidency of the Equality Commission of the Court of Audit, constituted in June 2012, which is responsible for the promotion, development and approval of the I Plan for Equality between Women and Men of the SCA (2014), and for the organisation of the SCA’s annual Conference on gender equality. She has also coordinated the Group of Members for the preparation of the SCA’s Strategic Plan 2017-2021. As a special mention, she has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Civil Merit. NEW SECRETARY GENERAL OF EUROSAI Photograph: David Corral