EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

Magazine No. 26 - 2021 11 XI EUROSAI Congress innovative methods, ideas, and tools for auditors’ work and in order to achieve this goal the EUROSAI community should cooperate closely when looking for new audit methodologies and procedures. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to organise meetings not only at the top level but mainly on the auditors’ level. EUROSAI is a great platform for sharing, inspiring, and connecting, that is why SAI Czech Republic has launched the Benchmark Information Exchange Project (“BIEP”), which enables instant sharing of documents and discussion forums. Mr Kala stressed that under his Presidency SAI Czech Republic would promote and deepen such a way of cooperation. ► EUROSAI Statutes have been updated Ms María José de la Fuente y de la Calle, Secretary General of EUROSAI, presented the changes made in the EUROSAI Statutes and the reasons behind them. A vote was performed on the issue of the update of the EUROSAI Statutes with the outcome that the update was approved by the Congress. ► SAI Israel was elected as the new EUROSAI Presidency for 2024-2027 SAI Israel was elected by 43 votes out of 48 as the host of the next Congress as well as the next EUROSAI Presidency. Israeli State Comptroller, Mr Matanyahu Englman, became the First Vice-President. ► Election of two Members of the EUROSAI Governing Board The candidate SAIs for membership in the GB were the following: Bulgaria, ECA, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, and the United Kingdom. In the first round of the elections, SAI United Kingdom was elected as the new GB member by vast majority of votes. In the second round of the elections, SAI Lithuania became the second new GB member. Mr Kala congratulated Mr Gareth Davies, Comptroller & Auditor General of SAI UK, and Mr Mindaugas Macijauskas, the Auditor General of SAI Lithuania, on their new posts. ► Election of EUROSAI auditors The two current EUROSAI auditors were the SAIs of Bulgaria and Croatia and they both expressed their interest to audit the EUROSAI accounts in the next period as well. The GB had previously decided that 1 This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244/1999 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence. continuity in this position was useful and since none of the candidates exceeded the maximum of three consecutive terms, the proposal to the Congress was to endorse both above-mentioned candidates. The Congress confirmed that the two candidates, SAI Bulgaria and SAI Croatia, would continue their role as the auditors of EUROSAI. ► Vote on the EUROSAI budget 2022-2024 After the election of the EUROSAI Auditors, an extraordinary vote was held on the approval of the EUROSAI Budget 2022-2024, based on the proposal of SAI Serbia. The EUROSAI Budget was approved by the Congress. ► Kosovo National Audit Office (KNAO)11 became a new member of EUROSAI To commemorate the 30th anniversary of EUROSAI, SAI Czech Republic prepared a special publication and Mr Kala shared its content in a short video at the Congress. He also thanked all the SAIs that had sent their contributions to the publication. Each member SAI was able to see beforehand the publication that they were going to receive in a hard copy as well. Furthermore, Ms de la Fuente on behalf of the EUROSAI Secretariat shared a video with congratulatory messages from Regional Organisations of INTOSAI. At the end of the meeting, Mr Kala emphasized the values he would like to foster and the objectives he aims to achieve, with the ultimate goal of building bridges between individual EUROSAI members while also taking into account their different needs. When it is safe to travel and congregate, SAI Czech Republic plans to organize a “Prague Post-Congress Get-Together” incorporating parts of the Congress that were omitted in the online event and that will be more meaningful in person, such as workshops and a social programme. The get-together will also feature the “Marketplace,” which provides EUROSAI members with the opportunity to promote their current and future projects and inform colleagues about innovative approaches they are using in audit work.