EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 120 Studies and other articles Committees, Commissions and Working Groups The OLACEFS committees, commissions and working parties have remained active in their activities, adapting to new forms of communication and coordination. The OLACEFS Capacity Building Committee (CCC) has made the Coordinated Audits Handbook available in Spanish, Portuguese and English and developed the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Performance Auditing open to SAIs and the general public. The Legal Advisory Committee (CAJ) worked on validating the signature of the framework agreement between OLACEFS and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), and also provided advice on the request for amendments to the OLACEFS charter. The Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices (CTPBG) held a competition with the theme "The role of SAIs in the health crisis. The control of public funds in emergencies", and organized a series of meetings on "Post-pandemic governance" regarding social progress, integrity and public policies. The Commission for Information and Communications Technologies (CTIC) developed a Toolbox to raise awareness of freely available applications that enable teamwork in virtual mode, together with an application for the repository of SAI reports related to the SDGs. Developed a Toolbox to raise awareness of freely available applications that enable teamwork in virtual mode The Technical Commission for the Environment (COMTEMA) continued the Coordinated Audit in Protected Areas, which had to be adapted to the new circumstances and was able to continue in virtual format, providing the opportunity to increase the number of participants. The Citizen Participation Commission (CPC) held the webinar titled "Social control and auditing of SAIs in times of pandemic" with a view to sharing experiences on the importance of transparency and citizen participation for the social control cycle, as well as its effects on SAIs auditing in times of pandemic. The Committee on Performance Evaluation and Performance Indicators (CEDEIR) also cooperated on the Initiative of Strategy, Performance Measurement and Development Initiative Reporting of the INTOSAI (IDI) with 7 SAIs in the region, and conducted virtual courses, bilateral meetings and workshops on the Performance Measurement Framework. The Working Group on Public Works Audit (GTOP) continued its execution of the Coordinated Audit of Mining Environmental Liabilities by holding its results consolidation workshop in virtual format. Finally, the Working Group on Gender Equality and NonDiscrimination (GTG) worked on the preparation of a diagnosis and basis for the OLACEFS Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy and organized the virtual course "Introduction to Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination". The Working Group on Disaster Management Auditing within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (GTFD) presented the Regional Action Plan for COVID-19, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of disasters arising from biological hazards such as pandemics and epidemics. It also offered guidance on integrated disaster risk management. In coordination with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Working Group Specialized in the Fight against Transnational Corruption (GTCT) provided training on anti-corruption and transnational crime and produced a manual of good practices on said issues. Publications and research In order to share knowledge and good practices, various publications and research projects have been submitted to OLACEFS and INTOSAI. The documents shared included "The concurrent control model as the central axis of a preventive, prompt and timely approach to governmental control in Peru", "Control in the COVID-19 pandemic. A management report on governmental control in the Health Emergency 365 days later", "Control in times of COVID-19: Towards a transformation of control", "Concurrent Control: A quantitative estimate of benefits", among others.