EUROSAI. Magazine N26 - 2021

EUROSAI 10 XI EUROSAI Congress The Congress attracted 219 participants, including representatives of member SAIs and observers from the INTOSAI Secretariat, INTOSAI regional organizations (Chairs and Secretariats), INTOSAI Journal, INTOSAI Development Initiative (“IDI”), and European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (“ECIIA”). SAI Czech Republic aimed to make the Congress as interesting as possible, without fatiguing participants with another long online event. To better suit the virtual format, SAI Czech Republic — in close cooperation with the EUROSAI Secretariat and approval of all EUROSAI Governing Board members — reduced the length of the General Plenary Session from 2.5 days to 2.5 hours and honed the agenda to focus only on topics of the utmost importance. This approach aligned with the Congress´ “3C-3I-3E” vision: Communication, Cooperation, & Comparison; Information, Innovation, & Interactivity; and Effectiveness, Efficiency, & Economy. Per tradition, the General Plenary Session was preceded by the 53rd, and followed by the 54th, EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting. ► The Presidency of EUROSAI was handed over from SAI Turkey to SAI Czech Republic Mr Seyit Ahmet Baş, the outgoing President of EUROSAI, took this opportunity to congratulate SAI Czech Republic on taking over the Presidency of EUROSAI and presented a video in which he summarised the four years of SAI Turkey’s Presidency. In the video, Mr Baş recalled the X EUROSAI Congress in 2017 where he took over the Presidency from Mr Arno Visser, President of SAI Netherlands. Mr Baş also reminded the participants of the key aspects envisaged by the SAI Turkey during its Presidency, such as the importance of an open dialogue, in other words, establishing good communication channels between SAIs which may maximize contributions to the EUROSAI community. Based on the experience from the Presidency, Mr Baş expressed his belief that the spirit of “governing as a team” and “open dialogue” principles would contribute to the bright future of EUROSAI. Mr Miloslav Kala, the incoming President of EUROSAI, mentioned in his speech that the vision of the SAI Czech Republic for EUROSAI was to act flexibly to the current needs of modern times, to be able to respond to the challenges and come up with practical solutions to meet the demands of auditors. SAIs should look for adequate answers that would bring added value to their members and citizens. The aim is to provide The XI EUROSAI Congress brought the following results: