EUROSAI. Magazine N25 - 2019

eurosai 30 EUROSAI Strategy State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia Holder of the Portfolio on Communication EUROSAI’S COMMUNICATION UNDER MAGNIFIER: PROGRESS TOWARDS IMPROVING EUROSAI’S COMMUNICATION Following the 2017 EUROSAI Governing Board’s approval of the initiative of the State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter – SAI Latvia) - in 2019 SAI Latvia as the EUROSAI Governing Board Member and holder of the EUROSAI Communication Portfolio completed a com- prehensive and thorough Analysis of the current communication practices of EUROSAI . Furthermore, SAI Latvia outsourced an independent EUROSAI web-site assessment/expertise - the evidence-based results of the latter were integrated into the abovementioned comprehensive Analysis. The Analysis formed the basis for updating the current EUROSAI Communication Framework in order to focus on improving the quality of EUROSAI’s communication and raising overall motivation for closer involvement of our members. To eliminate weaknesses of the current communication practices, facilitate achieve- ment of EUROSAI’s strategic goals and maximize the added value of EUROSAI as an or- ganisation - SAI Latvia has developed and submitted to the EUROSAI Governing Board a draft updated EUROSAI Communication Framework supported by: ›› A draft Action Plan for implementation of the updated EUROSAI Com- munication Framework; › › Technical specifications for EUROSAI website; ›› Terms of Reference for EUROSAI Commu- nication Coordination Group; ›› Terms of Reference for a PR expert of EUROSAI permanently engaged and placed in EUROSAI’s Secretariat. The above integrated ‘package’ of initiatives is considered necessary to launch the implementation of the updated Communication Framework and turn it into a ‘success story’. It is also worth mentioning that a change of philosophy and approach to EUROSAI’s communication forms the essence of the updated Communication Framework. It is proposed that EUROSAI’s communication is perceived as a management function of the organization, which would: ›› enable to follow “one voice principle”; ›› require a substantial degree of centralization, careful coordination of information flows, adequate and mutually compatible design of communication products, and ›› be managed by one key player/communication manager. Analysis of current EUROSAI communication practices by SAI Latvia Updated draft EUROSAI Communication Framework proposed by SAI Latvia