EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

Magazine No. 24 - 2018 63 Information on EU OTHER REPORTS, OPINIONS AND DOCUMENTS ISSUED BY THE EUROPEAN COURT OF AUDITORS IN 2018 X X Special report No 01/2018: Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions (JASPERS) - time for better targeting. X X Special report No 02/2018: The operational efficiency of the ECB’s crisis management for banks. X X Special report No 03/2018: Audit of the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure (MIP). X X Special report No 04/2018: EU Assistance to Myanmar/Burma. X X Special report No 05/2018: Renewable energy for sustainable rural development: significant potential synergies, but mostly unrealised. X X Special report No 06/2018: Free Movement of Workers - the fundamental freedom ensured but better targeting of EU funds would aid worker mobility. X X Special report No 07/2018: EU pre-accession assistance to Turkey: Only limited results so far. X X Special report No 08/2018: EU support for productive investments in businesses - greater focus on durability needed. X X Special report No 09/2018: Public Private Partnerships in the EU: Widespread shortcomings and limited benefits. X X Special report No 10/2018: Basic Payment Scheme for farmers - operationally on track, but limited impact on simplification, targeting and the convergence of aid levels. X X Special report No 11/2018: New options for financing rural development projects: Simpler but not focused on results. X X Special report No 12/2018: Broadband in the EU Member States: despite progress, not all the Europe 2020 targets will be met. X X Special report No 13/2018: Tackling radicalisation that leads to terrorism: the Commission addressed the needs of Member States, but with some shortfalls in coordination and evaluation. X X Special report No 14/2018: The EU Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Centres of Excellence: more progress needed. X X Special report No 15/2018: Strengthening the capacity of the internal security forces in Niger and Mali: only limited and slow progress. X X Special report No 16/2018: Ex-post review of EU legislation: a well-established system, but incomplete. The ECA’s special reports set out the results of its audits of EU policies and programmes or management topics related to specific budgetary areas. The European Court of Auditors published the following special reports in 2018: European Court of Auditors ©European Union – Source: ECA