EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

Magazine No. 24 - 2018 3 INDEX 5.3. THE SUPREME AUDIT INSTITUTIONS AUDITED PREPAREDNESS FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF THE 2030 AGENDA SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS Augustyn Kubik, Advisor to the NIK President Beata Błasiak-Nowak, Economic Advisor, Department of Public Administration Marzena Rajczewska, Technical Advisor, Department of Public Administration Supreme Audit Office of Poland 5.4. PUBLIC AUDIT IN THE EUROPEAN UNION - A BOOK IN THE MAKING Derek Meijers Directorate of the Presidency of the European Court of Auditors 5.5. INTERNATIONAL FOCUS ON COMPANIES OWNED BY LOCAL AUTHORITIES State Audit Office of Hungary 5.6. BUDGET MONITOR WEB-PLATFORM DEVELOPED BY THE STATE AUDIT OFFICE OF GEORGIA State Audit Office of Georgia 5.7. PERFORMANCE REPORT IN THE FIELD OF SOCIAL PROGRAMS FOR EDUCATION CARRIED OUT IN 2016 AT THE MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Romanian Court of Accounts 5.8. NEW LAW ENACTED ON THE CHAMBER OF ACCOUNTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF AZERBAIJAN Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan 5.9. BULGARIAN NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR THE PERIOD 2018 - 2022 – NEW HORIZONS AND CHALLENGES Bulgarian National Audit Office (BNAO) 5.10. STATE AUDIT INSTITUTION PRESENTED ITS 1000 th AUDIT REPORT State Audit Institution of Serbia 5.11. AGEING POPULATION AND AUDIT OF RETIREMENT SYSTEM Mourad Bengassouma and Ibrahim Hamouda Tunisian Court of Accounts ARABOSAI Secretariat 5.12. FRIENDS, ROMANS, COUNTRYMEN, LEND ME YOUR EAR PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION FOR SAI AUDITORS (PESA) Jade Quarrell INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) 76 80 82 86 88 90 91 92 93 97