EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

Magazine No. 24 - 2018 47 EUROSAI Working Groups and Task Forces The cooperation with audit professionals has also been key in achieving an in-depth analysis of each problem and ensuring inclusiveness and dissemination of the work. The TFA&E has closely cooperated with the European Confederation of the Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA), notably by the participation of Melvyn Neate in the seminar “ Methods and Measuring Tools to Audit Ethics ” 8 and in the 8 th TFA&E annual meeting (London, February 2017). John Whitfield, from the UK Government Internal Audit Agency, also participated in this 8 th meeting. The cooperation within INTOSAI has been even richer. Apart from the lively interaction and constant new initiatives among European SAIs, one could mention the liaison with other integrity related initiatives (IntoSAINT, Hungarian SAO’s Integrity project and Project Group on the “ Role of SAIs in Spreading Integrity Culture ), the inputs of SAIs from other Regions to the TFA&E products (e.g. Indonesia, Brazil, Costa Rica, AFROSAI-E) 9 and the work with the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), with which the TFA&E signed a protocol. One of the most relevant cooperative initiatives with INTOSAI was the interaction and participation in the Professional Standards Committee (PSC)’s project to review ISSAI 30 (INTOSAI Code of Ethics). This entailed a hard work of several members of the TFA&E to reflect and to express important aspects to change in this ISSAI and culminated in a completely revised standard, approved in December 2016 10 . In 2017, the TFA&E issued guidance for SAIs on how to implement the revised ISSAI 30 11 . 8 Seminars/S_Seminar/Documents/Session%2006/15%20 Internal%20Audit%20assessment%20of%20ethics.pdf 9 10 the-functioning-of-sais.htm 11 Guidance/Guidelines%20to%20implement%20ISSAI%2030.pdf Dissemination of the activities and products of the TFA&E has been quite active. We would highlight: • The request of PASAI to include some of the TFA&E’s documents in their Independence Resource Kit; • Many presentations in several types of events; • The organisation of information and training events in several SAIs; • The development of ethics related workshops in congresses and conferences, both in EUROSAI or in other Regions. One of the most recent collaborations was undertaken with the AISCCUF 12 Young People’s Congress dedicated to the impact of SAI´s activities for citizens – TOP Congrès , held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on 28 and 29 June 2018. Deontology was one of the explored themes and a young representative from the TFA&E facilitated a lively workshop about ethics. Constant and close cooperation is envisaged by the TFA&E as the most important tool for the success of its work. Not only because it represents gains for all parties. Also because, as Aristotle taught, practising emotional, social and rational skills is essential to learn how to act ethically and this can only be done in connecting to each other. 12 Association des Institutions Supérieures de Contrôle ayant en Commun l’Usage du Français