EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

Magazine No. 24 - 2018 31 EUROSAI Strategy National Audit Office of Finland Holder of the Portfolio on Emerging issues and Forward thinking PORTFOLIO ON EMERGING ISSUES AND FORWARD THINKING: INSIGHTS FROM THE EUROSAI EMERGING ISSUES WORKSHOP Managing emerging issues is at the heart of SAI relevance. SAIs constantlyneed to focus onstakeholder relations, capacity-building, new technologies, and new ways of working. These thematic areas were discussed in EUROSAI Emerging Issues Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey. Active discussions between the participants concluded, that the thematic areas of emerging issues need to be faced in a more concrete way. A common wish was to concentrate on certain themes from the audit perspective in order to get insights that are more practical on how to audit some of the emerging issues in the upcoming workshops. Introduction The National Audit Office of Finland (NAOF) held an Emerging Issues Workshop for the members of the EUROSAI Governing Board and invited guests on 20– 21 November 2018 in Istanbul, with the assistance of the Turkish Court of Accounts. During the two days, the workshop participants focused on how Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) can be better aware of emerging issues relevant to audit work. The workshop was divided into six sessions, which revolved around themes such as digitalisation, artificial intelligence and the strategic planning of SAIs. The sessions were participatory; hence, the conclusions are mostly based on the outcomes of the group discussions. In preparation for the workshop, the NAOF launched a web-based dialogue on emerging issues. The results of the dialogue showed that many of the EUROSAI SAIs are going through similar future related issues at the moment and facing similar challenges within the coming years. How can people be timely and up to date in the planning and auditing work? How is audit work changing, and how do we keep up with the pace of change and demand without compromising on the quality of the work? These questions were highlighted as the greatest challenges that SAIs are currently preparing for. Many of the participants shared a desire to be more relevant and timely, and to have a larger impact on societal debates. In order to succeed in this, SAIs constantly need to focus on stakeholder relations, capacity-building, new technologies, and new ways of working. These thematic areas were discussed in more detail during the EUROSAI Emerging Issues workshop.