EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

Magazine No. 24 - 2018 29 EUROSAI Strategy Spanish Court of Audit - EUROSAI Secretariat Holder of the Portfolio on Relations with other INTOSAI Regional Organisations PORTFOLIO ON RELATIONS WITH OTHER INTOSAI REGIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success’ - Henry Ford Introduction EUROSAI and its peers in INTOSAI have been coming together to discuss and debate on different audit issues for quite some time. OLACEFS was the first INTOSAI Regional Organization with which EUROSAI started cooperating in 2000, by means of regular Joint Conferences. This mechanism was also used to launch cooperation with ARABOSAI (2006) and ASOSAI (2011). The last of these Joint Conferences were held in 2015, with OLACEFS in Quito, where discussions between European and Latin American SAIs revolved around coordinated audits and SAI’s contribution to good governance, and with ARABOSAI, in Qatar, where European and Arab SAIs shared experiences on their role in the oversight of government bailout plans. While this was happening, INTOSAI was preparing its third Strategic Plan, being mindful of the crucial role that Regional Organizations can play in INTOSAI’s capacity development goal, given how well they are positioned. As a result, one of the cross-cutting priorities that were identified to support the strategic goals of INTOSAI’s Strategic Plan 2017-2022 is to build upon, leverage, and facilitate cooperation and professionalism among the Regional Organizations of INTOSAI. EUROSAI’s own Strategic Plan 2017-2023 also reflects on this inter-regional cooperation; in this regard, one of the guiding principles of the European Organisation is the enhancement of its cooperation with the other Regional Organisations, thus fostering different forms of knowledge sharing. EUROSAI’s role as a knowledge broker between its members and Regional Organisations is also highlighted under its goal on professional cooperation. In connection to the above and with the aim of enhancing EUROSAI’s cooperation with other Regional Organizations, a Portfolio on “Relations with other INTOSAI Regional Organizations” was set up and taken on by the Spanish Court of Audit (SCA) in May 2017. Since then, the SCA has been working on improving the cooperation mechanisms already in place and fostering additional forms of knowledge sharing. The progress made so far is the following: » Enhancing Joint Conferences with OLACEFS, ARABOSAI and ASOSAI Following an assessment of the cooperation events held so far, EUROSAI and its peers confirmed their mutual interest in keeping together and working together in the coming years. To ensure that Joint Conferences are enriching experiences that offer real added value to participants, they agreed on having bilateral Terms of References (ToR) for these events. These ToRs will be applied for the first time during the next joint events: The III EUROSAI-ASOSAI Joint Conference , hosted by the SAI of Israel, will be held on 10- 14 March 2019. That gathering will offer members from both INTOSAI Regions an opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge, and challenges on Emerging issues & Emergency Situations . Hot audit topics such as preparations for natural disasters and disaster management; coping with terror attacks; cybersecurity threats; migration and refugees, ageing population, pensions, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), blockchain, and big data, among others, will be addressed through special plenary sessions, interactive workshops, distinctive roundtable discussions and more. The IX EUROSAI-OLACEFS Joint Conference, hosted by the SAI of Hungary, is foreseen for 2020. There is already a list of high-interest topics, some targeted to the Heads of SAIs and others to the technical staff, and the final topic will be approved by the Governing Boards of both INTOSAI Regional Organizations in 2019.