EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

eurosai 26 EUROSAI Strategy Latvijas Republikas Valsts kontrole (State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia) Holder of the Portfolio on Communication THE EUROSAI’S GOLDEN CIRCLE The goals and the scope of activities of the Communication Portfolio The State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter – SAO of Latvia), being elected as Member of the Governing Board of EUROSAI during EUROSAI X Congress in Istanbul in May 2017, has been entrusted to hold the Communication Portfolio to further foster EUROSAI’s benefits. Our proposed objective is: The European SAIs recognize EUROSAI as a promoter of their interests and support in their work. The SAO of Latvia has proposed to address this organization-wide issue by developing: 1) An updated Communication Framework as the first priority and 2) Approaches/techniques for implementation and monitoring of the Communication Framework as the second one. The updated Communication Framework shall cover all EUROSAI’s responsibilities and cross-cutting issues as well as all address all stakeholders. Thus we plan to equip the EUROSAI community with modern solutions and tools that could benefit everyone involved in EUROSAI’s communication and any EUROSAI stakeholders. Each auditor across the whole European region should make sense of belonging to EUROSAI. When contributing to the achievement of this goal, the SAO of Latvia is already appreciating the valuable expertise of communication professionals from SAIs of Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland and Spain. For more information visit EUROSAI webpage: GovernancePortfolios/index.html Why How What Modern 21st century communication is STORYTELLING and the EUROSAI story shall cover answers to why, how and what. Everything starts with WHY . This is not about making decisions, WHY is all about our purpose, cause or bellef. EUROSAI , s new communication approach by THE GOLDEN CIRCLE By Simon Synek WHY - Why does EUROSAI do what it does? Why do we need mutal support and interaction? HOW - How are we doing it? How can we unify EUROSAI? How can we get the best out of our diversity? How can we share our knowledge and expierence? WHAT - What is EUROSAI? What are EUROSAI´s goals? What characterizes EUROSAI (de ning our partners and supporters)? GET INVOLVED Should you, as EUROSAI Member SAI, be interested in sharing your communication expertise under the Communication Portfolio of EUROSAI, please kindly contact Ms. Zaiga Barvida, Senior Expert in International Communication Issues, SAO of Latvia: +371 67017 509 Your involvement will be utmost appreciated!