EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

Magazine No. 24 - 2018 25 EUROSAI Strategy The key principles on working in team spirit, existing areas for improvement and the courses of action to be adopted were discussed in a flexible and free brainstorming environment. Following these foundations, the courses of action were put on the table, coming up with concrete proposals which made GB members reflect on governing as a team. These concrete proposals were compiled to draft “Key Principles and Good Practices for Governing as a Team” document, which aims to reflect the results of this open discussion and lead the GB to work as a close and harmonized team for realizing the objectives of a stronger EUROSAI. During the Off-site, SAIs of Latvia and Turkey also shared information on recent developments regarding their respective portfolios on communication and governance, and the way forward. This Off-site meeting proved that gathering of GB members in a sincere environment, without the pressure of routine administrative issues, promoted strong team spirit and effective communication, paving the way for governing as a close team. A new website for the EUROSAI Operational Plan Among other objectives of the TCA, facilitating the implementation of the OP and making it more visible through reaching out to all EUROSAI Community, as well as encouraging active participation of all members in the EUROSAI works, have also occupied an important position in the roadmap of its portfolio. In this respect, the TCA has established a Project Group on “Reaching out to all EUROSAI Members: Visualisation of the EUROSAI Operational Plan and Encouraging Members’ Participation”. The new webpage ( created as an output of this project offers all EUROSAI Community a less formal, more agile and flexible platform where all EUROSAI activities and works can be more visible and known by all members. Through this new OP web page, the implementation of the OP will be more visible and transparent; the process of monitoring and reporting of the ESP will be facilitated by the more compherensive picture and the necessary data collection; marketing of the EUROSAI Projects looking for leader and/or participants will be easier and more successful; members attending the EUROSAI events as well as actively working in the PGs will have the opportunity to share their works and feedbacks; etc. Being aware that EUROSAI Community deserves more and the continuous improvement should be ensured for its promising future, the TCA will maintain its innovative and inspiring works within the framework of its portfolio, always attaching to the fundamental and instrumental values of EUROSAI. www In the scope of the social program, participants first visited the Ottoman Archives Complex, with the richest and most valuable archival material of the Ottoman Empire. Then, Hagia Sophia, one of the most visited museums and most prominent monuments in the world in terms of art and the history of architecture, was visited, followed by a tour in the Basilica Cistern. The social program ended with a Dinner at 1001 Column Cistern (The Cistern of Philoxenos) in company with a reed-flute (ney) performance and whirling dervish ceremony, which are the two main instruments in Islamic Mysticism.