EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

eurosai 20 EUROSAI Strategy EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 Co-led by the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic and the Bundesrechnungshof of Germany PROMOTING AND BROKERING PROFESSIONAL COOPERATION – SUCCESSFUL START AND GOOD PROGRESS MADE TOWARDS EUROSAI STRATEGIC GOAL 1 When the co-leaders of Strategic Goal 1: Supporting effective, innovative and relevant audits by promoting and brokering professional cooperation (SG1), the SAIs of the Czech Republic and Germany, launched their work in 2017, they had a headstart: Not only do many projects of the EUROSAI Working Groups and Task Forces range within SG1, but the co-leaders were able to transfer several projects from the first strategic period to their portfolio. Moreover, at the kick-off meeting of SG1 in Potsdam in November 2017, some new projects were initiated. In August 2018, the co-leaders of SG1 sent a letter to all EUROSAI members, presenting some projects and encouraging them not only to participate in the on-going projects, but also to develop new project ideas. This resulted in two new project ideas that were presented at SG1’s second meeting in Tirana in October 2018. A brainstorming session, based on the results of the web-based dialogue on emerging issues, resulted in even more new ideas for possible projects. Some SG1 projects have almost been finalised now, most of which cooperative audits that were started already in the former strategic period. Others are continuous projects, as the EUROSAI databases, training or the “Innovations” newsletter. But there are also some short-term projects which are limited to a certain period of time, as provided for by the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023. Group picture of SG1 meeting in Tirana