EUROSAI. Magazine N24 - 2018

eurosai 8 EUROSAI Activities Summary of the Main Discussions and Agreements (soa) The 49 th meeting of the EUROSAI Governing Board (GB) took place in Gdańsk, Poland, on the 14 th -15 th of March 2018. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baş, President of the Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA), and hosted by the Supreme Audit Office of Poland (NIK). Below you will find an extract of the summary of the main discussions and agreements (the full version is available on the EUROSAI website) : Item 1 and 2. Agenda of the meeting and minutes of previous GB meetings. The agenda of the 49 th GB meeting and the minutes of the 47 th and 48 th GB meetings were unanimously approved. Item 3. EUROSAI Activity Report 2017-2018. The GB took note of 2017-2018 EUROSAI Activity Report and approved the appointment of the SAIs of Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland and the Russian Federation as elected members of the Editorial Board of the EUROSAI Magazine. Item 4. “Overall governance and culture” portfolio. 4.1. Operational Plan. The GB approved the description of the portfolio on “Overall governance and culture” presented by the Portfolio holder, the SAI of Turkey (the delimitation of the projects under the portfolio would be decided in the respective item of the agenda). 4.2. Project Group on General Procedures for the ESP 2017-2023. The GB approved the General Procedures for the ESP 2017-2023 (5 votes in favour out of the 7 members present at that moment) for the time being. The resolution on delegation of the approval of temporary activities to the Coordination Team was also approved by the GB. 4.3. Project Group on EUROSAI Regulations. The GB approved the update of the EFR and the resolution on delegation of the approval of EUROSAI financial backing, taking note also of the roadmap of the Project Group on EUROSAI Regulations. 49 th EUROSAI GOVERNING BOARD MEETING Gdańsk (Poland), 14-15 March 2018